Random Notes and Viruses


– There’s a mockingbird in my neighborhood. I never understood what a mockingbird was until I heard this guy. He sits in the tree outside my house and mimics the cries of the other birds relentlessly. Yesterday, I woke to … Continue reading

The 99 Cent Quandary

Karen’s latest Karen Dionne is an interesting writer and a good soul. She’s written a thoughtful piece on Huffington Post today about how 99 e-books are bad for writers. Thoughtful, sensible—but (in my opinion) wrong. First, you have to understand … Continue reading

The Funhouse Mirror


Creative work is its own reward. One of the major differences between creative work and ‘work’ is that, over time, you come to expect a satisfaction not just from the finished product, but from the process of creation itself. My … Continue reading