‘Must read, HIGHLY recommended, science fiction meets fact’

By Katya_Sozaeva on Goodreads: Greg has been out of the military for a year now and is living in with a man he calls Uncle Dave; his mind was fried by the stress of his experiences in the Middle East, … Continue reading

‘Green’ Trailer

The book isn’t as long as ‘War and Peace’ but the trailer is. Sorry. Don’t Forget – the ‘Mindbenders’ ebook is still on sale for 99 cents! And if you buy a trade paperback version of ‘Green’ or ‘Mindbenders’ (just … Continue reading

Buy a Book-I Buy You A Beer!

The Internet is supposed to break down the walls between writers and readers and that all sounds good but I’m tired of metaphors. Let’s talk REAL interaction! Buy a paperback – I buy you a beer! I’m not promising some … Continue reading

Mindbenders Trailer (and Sale!)

Mindbenders is now on sale! Ebooks only 99 cents on Amazon and Smashwords. Links below. In the meantime, here’s the video trailer, using the finest talent I could afford.   Click here to purchase on Amazon. Other e-readers, click here for Smashwords. … Continue reading