Yet Another ‘Mindbenders’ Review!

  Julie Dawson‘s review on Goodreads, Aug 25, 11:  [  Ted Krever’s Mindbenders is a brilliantly paced paranormal conspiracy thriller with an entertaining cast of characters and a plot that will keep you jumping from clue to clue to determine what … Continue reading

Gilding the Lily

Covers. Every book needs a cover. And the cover is obviously a huge selling tool. If you’re an indie writer/publisher like I am, it might be the only tool you have, that first grabber moment that gets a potential reader’s … Continue reading

TEN DOLLARS OFF! SPECIAL SALE! (Same price as before)

First off: Business. I want your stories of the Financial Collapse of 2008-2009. I’ll use the best ones in the next Mindbenders so send them here or to my email, (link on the right-hand menu bar). More details just … Continue reading

An Interview with Max Renn (Part One?)

            See the terrific new review of ‘Mindbenders’ from the Paranormal Romance Guild here. The following is an exclusive interview with Max Renn, the reputed former Soviet spy and now alleged terrorist. The interview was … Continue reading