Buy ‘Mindbenders’ – Get ‘After’ FREE!

You guys are soooooo lucky!   For a limited time (until I decide to stop), if you buy a copy of ‘Mindbenders’ (only available at for the next several months), you’ll get ‘After’, my book of post-9/11 stories, FREE … Continue reading

‘Mindbenders’ is Free!

For the next three days, through December 26th, ‘Mindbenders’ will be a free ebook download on Amazon! The Reviewers have spoken: ‘Mindbenders is an incredible read and I was recommending it to others before I even finished reading it. I … Continue reading

The Tyranny of the Lowest Price

Richard Russo, the well-known author (Empire Falls), has a really good article on the OpEd page of the NY Times today (link here) about Amazon’s new pitch, encouraging customers to go into brick-and-mortar bookstores this Saturday and use Amazon’s price … Continue reading