Star Trek Saturday”

I’m sick. Nothing serious ( I assume). I’ve got a temperature, I’m achy and woozey. My ex used to insist ‘Woozy – that’s not a word. It’s not a word.’ Now, of course, I could whip out my smartphone and … Continue reading

Yet Another ‘Mindbenders’ Review (from Ireland)

4.0 Out of 5 Stars -Original Spin, 22 Jan 2012 from By R. Hurst “MidNight” (Galway, Ireland) – Greg is a tramatised war veterian who finds himself pulled into a secret battle with only a few powerful individuals on the side of … Continue reading

A New ‘Mindbenders’ Review!

4.0 out of 5 stars Keep Track of the Characters, February 17, 2012 By Sarah Smith “Rhubarb” (Los Angeles) Keep track of the characters for this one, because each one is critical to the story; each one is different (and interesting). For instance, you … Continue reading

‘Mindbenders’ and ‘After’ FREE Package Deal!

Okay – it’s the February doldrums. Time to spice things up! (When you see exclamation marks, you know I’m in sales mode) ‘Mindbenders‘ is FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon as part of the Kindle Direct program. And if you … Continue reading

Book Wars, Chapter Thirteen 1/2

Jenny Milchman sent me a typically well-reasoned response to my last post and it spurred a few additional thoughts. Here’s Jenny first: ‘Love your last graf! Well said, Ted, well said. I agree that anything that supports the primacy of … Continue reading