Mindbenders Sequel: Taking – and Changing – Shape

I began working on the ‘Mindbenders’ sequel before the first book was published. I expected to have it completed by now.

But nooooooooo…

That book, ‘Mindbenders: The Big Dream,’ battled me to a draw. I had a finished first draft months ago. The problem was, it wasn’t much good. I had a decent storyline, but my books are character-driven and, in this book, the characters were lost in plot and set pieces. I had the externals but no clear grasp of the emotional landscape, which is the only one that matters to me.

In addition, the beginning of ‘Big Dream’ was plodding, way too dense, because I was trying to move the story forward while explaining at the same time what had happened to Renn, Kate and Greg in the six months between stories, a period when they’d all been traveling separately. I had a bunch of writing about that period that I liked but trying to stuff it into the first sixty pages of ‘Big Dream’ just didn’t do it justice.

The stories go to the South China Sea…

So finally, I realized what now seems obvious : ‘The Big Dream’ wasn’t Book 2; it was Book 3 in the series.

I pulled out the best of those solo adventures and turned them into short stories. I also found myself writing a bunch of new stories to fill in gaps and simply because I got inspired by this new approach.

The best news is: the characters came alive again. They got deeper and goofier, the stories went places I never expected.

There’s a street fight here…

So I still have a few pieces to finish on Book Two but my plan is set: Sometime in the next month or two, I will start publishing several of these short stories right here on this website. Shortly after, the sequel will appear on Amazon. This book will cover Renn’s, Kate’s and Greg’s adventures on their own.

And hopefully later in 2013, I’ll have ‘Big Dream’ finished and published.

So here’s the audience participation section: I don’t have a title for the new book yet. Any thoughts about these choices?:

1) Mindbenders: Between Storms

2) Mindbenders: Separate Streams (or Separate Paths)

3) Mindbenders: Going It Alone

If you have a better idea, let me know; I’m not committed to anything yet.

I’m really excited. I think this new book will be exciting, funny and really deepen the ‘Mindbenders’ universe.

So that’s where things stand at the moment. Spread the word. More details (and short stories) coming soon – watch this space!


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Ted Krever watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, went to Woodstock (the good one), and graduated Sarah Lawrence College with a useless degree in creative writing. He spent the next few decades in media journalism, at ABC News on the magazine show Day One with Forrest Sawyer and the Barbara Walters Interviews of a Lifetime series, as General Manager of BNNtv, a documentary production company, creating programs for CNN, A&E, Court TV, CBS, MTV News, Discovery People and CBS/48 Hours, and as VP/Production of a short-lived dotcom, followed swiftly by nine months of unemployment. Ted now writes novels and sells mattresses in Staten Island NY, a job which registers at a loathsome -98 on the Cosmopolitan Eligible Male Job-Status Guide. Ted is happily divorced, purports to be a good kisser and hopes for world peace. He was once accused of attempting to blow up Ethel Kennedy with a Super-8 projector.


Mindbenders Sequel: Taking – and Changing – Shape — 1 Comment

  1. I truly enjoyed Mindbenders. A five-star story, it most certainly is.
    Looking forward to the sequel, I found your blog and was very interested to read how you decided it wiser that book-2 should be different than you first tho’t. I’m always fascinated to read how that sort of thing evolves for a writer. Thank you for sharing that.
    You’ve prob’ly already settled on an appropriate name for vol. 2, but if not … “Mindbenders: Trifecta” comes to mind, with the idea that each of the three characters is on the run, trying to stay ahead of myriads of agents chasing them. Three different races come to mind … a sort of “trifecta” … who will “win”? … and in what order? … does that even matter? … is “winning” even possible for any one of them? … and what would that mean? … and how would it affect your vol. 3?
    May your holidays be joyous and peaceful … and your writing full of those oh so very cool epiphanies. 🙂

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