The Mindbenders Sequel is taking shape!

Yup, old cover - no new one just yet...

Yup, old cover – no new one just yet…


First of all, Happy New Year  – a wonderful year to come for all of us!

Second, down to business:

The new ‘Mindbenders’ is taking shape – which is a sneaky way of saying I’m still not quite finished yet.

However, I expect to publish in the next month or two. The book will be a series of vignettes featuring the adventures of Renn, Kate and Greg (and a few other characters) during the six month period immediately following Rome (the conclusion of the first book), when they’re on the run, living separately and trying to avoid being captured by the police, Interpol, CIA, L Corp, you name it.

However, a book needs a title. I have several candidates but no front runner, so tell me what you think. Here are a few candidates:

1) Mindbenders: Desperate Passage

2) Mindbenders: Separate Streams (Separate Paths)

3) Mindbenders: Solo Shots

4: Mindbenders: Trifecta

Anyone have an opinion? Anyone have a better idea? If one of you suggests a new title and I end up using it, you get a free copy of the ebook before publication! Put in your two cents here!

And stay tuned for more details as I figure them out (I’m tap-dancing as fast as I can)!




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