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  1. I respectfully differ with you, I think……… Trump has taken hostage the profit motive of all media, so the silence from the Democrats is what happens when a blustering idiot and his side show capture the viewing/reading attention of a lot of people. I might be missing your point, but while those Sanders supporters who have agreed they must vote for Clinton, doing so because of that monstrosity opposing her, are not enthusiastic as the were for Bernie, there are a lot of people genuinely supporting Clinton, and an excitement about the possibility of a woman President….I was very pleased to see Clinton propose attention to what we are seeing with the epipen, taking on in essence a Democratic Senator as W Va’s Sen Manchin is father to the CEO of Mylan Pharm…………….If you are saying there is no discussion, i.e. a silence, on issues, in that there really is no exchange of policies as we did hear with McCain/Romney with Obama, that I think speaks to what is basically a campaign with insults and dramatic threats, but with no substance……..Clinton can try to match the loud sounds of Trump, but most analysts have advised her to remain focusing on issues, not becoming a Democratic Trump…………how that will play out in the debates, if he participates, is a problem they are considering since his only modus operandi in answering policy questions is to bring his opponents into the gutter with him.

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