Here today, ‘Xerox’ tomorrow

Me: Xerox is gone.

Claire: What?

Me: Bought by Fujifilm, the name is going away forever.

Claire: No, it won’t. Every time you make a ‘Xerox’ of something–

Me: But you don’t, not anymore. You scan, you send an attachment, you take a picture with your phone and send that. No need anymore.

Claire: Well, I will always think Xerox.

Me: Maybe, but the younger generation won’t Xerox.

Claire: That’s why I didn’t have children.


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Ted Krever watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, went to Woodstock (the good one), and graduated Sarah Lawrence College with a useless degree in creative writing. He spent the next few decades in media journalism, at ABC News on the magazine show Day One with Forrest Sawyer and the Barbara Walters Interviews of a Lifetime series, as General Manager of BNNtv, a documentary production company, creating programs for CNN, A&E, Court TV, CBS, MTV News, Discovery People and CBS/48 Hours, and as VP/Production of a short-lived dotcom, followed swiftly by nine months of unemployment. Ted now writes novels and sells mattresses in Staten Island NY, a job which registers at a loathsome -98 on the Cosmopolitan Eligible Male Job-Status Guide. Ted is happily divorced, purports to be a good kisser and hopes for world peace. He was once accused of attempting to blow up Ethel Kennedy with a Super-8 projector.

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