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Ted Krever watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, went to Woodstock (the good one), and graduated Sarah Lawrence College with a useless degree in creative writing. He spent the next few decades in media journalism, at ABC News on the magazine show Day One with Forrest Sawyer and the Barbara Walters Interviews of a Lifetime series, as General Manager of BNNtv, a documentary production company, creating programs for CNN, A&E, Court TV, CBS, MTV News, Discovery People and CBS/48 Hours, and as VP/Production of a short-lived dotcom, followed swiftly by nine months of unemployment. Ted now writes novels and sells mattresses in Staten Island NY, a job which registers at a loathsome -98 on the Cosmopolitan Eligible Male Job-Status Guide. Ted is happily divorced, purports to be a good kisser and hopes for world peace. He was once accused of attempting to blow up Ethel Kennedy with a Super-8 projector.

The Old Trouper

I worked with Mickey Rooney once, on a thirty-second cheap-as-paper spot for some product, God knows what. We set up camera and lights in some tiny hotel room off Times Square, it was probably in the early Eighties. We set … Continue reading

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Tales of the City #3,643

If New Yorkers are different (and they’ll tell you they are), it’s because they’re Masters of Incongruity. If there’s anything New York excels at, Incongruity is it. Other cities have the best rivers flowing through the middle of town or … Continue reading

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Truth Over Law

I’ve been quiet for a while because I’m WRITING (almost finished with Mindbenders 2: Under the Radar)! And I rarely deal with politics here because I think it’s mature of me to pick my battles and I try to be … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Myths

I stopped watching TV regularly when I started making documentaries, about twenty years ago. Maybe watching started to feel like work. But I taught my son at an early age that everything he saw on TV was pretend, because the … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Nights

The night whispers in her ear as she turns the pages and the train clickety-clacks past the window. Her mind fills with dreams of distant destinations and Cleopatra.

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We met two years ago today. We’d exchanged a few emails and a couple of phone calls. I’d stood her up twice, once to help out a friend on short notice and once because I (really) got sick. Our first … Continue reading

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Commuting Adventures, Chapter 663

In Manhattan, rich people ride buses and subways, right alongside you and me. In Bloomberg’s world, this means that mass transit has to work – because those are his people – so, in Manhattan, it does. The buses are sleek, … Continue reading

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City of Characters, Number 372

I’m on the ferry heading to work this morning. As the boat is nubbing into port, I go to pull open the glass sliding door so we can all get off. and the guy standing next to me smiles and … Continue reading

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Invisible Forces at Work, Part two

I’m still working on ‘Mindbenders 2: Under the Radar’ (excerpts here). I hope you’re as anxious for me to finish as I am. The problem – I’ll take this problem – is that the story keeps getting better. I keep … Continue reading

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On the Bus

I can’t help it – I just have one of those faces. I stop in a public place for a minute and someone has to tell me their life story. I was riding the bus home the other night. When I … Continue reading

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