Mindbenders 1 and 2 are FREE!!!

In honor of Thrillerfest (the world’s largest thriller-writer convention) in NY this week (I’ll be attending tomorrow and Saturday), I’ve made Mindbenders 2: The Fiery Sky FREE on Amazon through the weekend! Get your copy now! And Mindbenders the first is … Continue reading

‘Mindbenders 2’ is coming so ‘Mindbenders’ is 99 cents!!

Mindbenders live in a world just like ours, but bigger. A world where not only your actions but your most private impulses and feelings can be tracked, changed, distorted and used against you. Mindbenders read thoughts, plant ideas, create illusions, … Continue reading

Read for Free Now – Buy (maybe) Later!

Mindbenders is FREE (once again) today on Amazon! Those of you who’ve been curious or even interested but haven’t yet read this ‘intriguing’ ‘gripping’ ‘thought-provoking’ thriller(quotes from reader reviews – hey, how come nobody’s used ‘harrowing’ yet; you can’t read … Continue reading

Send Me Your Pounds, Your Unwanted Euros!

My books (other than ‘Crafty God’) have always been available as trade paperbacks as well as ebooks – but, up until now, only in America. So I’m thrilled that Createspace has extended their Print on Demand program to all of … Continue reading