Invisible Forces at Work, Part two

I’m still working on ‘Mindbenders 2: Under the Radar’ (excerpts here). I hope you’re as anxious for me to finish as I am. The problem – I’ll take this problem – is that the story keeps getting better. I keep … Continue reading

Mindbenders Sequel: Taking – and Changing – Shape

I began working on the ‘Mindbenders’ sequel before the first book was published. I expected to have it completed by now. But nooooooooo… That book, ‘Mindbenders: The Big Dream,’ battled me to a draw. I had a finished first draft months … Continue reading

Three More ‘Mindbender’ Reviews!

4.0 out of 5 stars Non stop action, very interesting plot!!, September 13, 2012 By gpangel I picked this book up for free in the kindle store. After reading the synopsis more carefully, I wasn’t sure if this book would appeal to me. … Continue reading

Four New ‘MIndbenders’ reviews!

Two 5 star, two ‘meh’ (can’t please everyone) – however, based on the last comment, I might charge more in future: 5.0 out of 5 stars Who gains?, June 26, 2012 By Wanda “Wandah Panda” (Pretoria, South Africa) I downloaded this book for free … Continue reading

‘Non-Stop Action’ – Another new ‘Mindbenders’ review

4.0 out of 5 stars Good Futuristic Story that Makes You Stop and Think  June 14, 2012 By Michael Gallagher (Houston, TX) (TOP 50 REVIEWER)    (VINE VOICE)    (REAL NAME)  I really enjoyed this book, as the author quickly gets you into the head (pun intended) … Continue reading

‘Rang My Bells on Every Level’- New ‘Mindbenders’ Review!

5.0 out of 5 stars Down the Rabbit Hole, May 23, 2012 By WisteriaM In his book “Mindbenders”, Ted Krever leads the reader on an antic chase up the Eastern seaboard and across the Atlantic to Europe, never slowing down until the last … Continue reading