Ted’s Everywhere (or at least a couple of places)

‘Mindbenders’ got a mention on the Front Row Monthly site (link here) and My recollections of Woodstock (family-friendly ones) appear here at Hooplaha.com – however, they chose not to use my photos. The editors there probably doubt the thrill of … Continue reading

The Gospel of Neil (Part One)


Just to get business out of the way first: The 99 cent sale on my thriller ‘Mindbenders’ is going on for ONE MORE WEEK! F. Paul Wilson, author of the Keep (NY Times bestseller!) and the Repairman Jack novels, says … Continue reading

Random Notes and Viruses


– There’s a mockingbird in my neighborhood. I never understood what a mockingbird was until I heard this guy. He sits in the tree outside my house and mimics the cries of the other birds relentlessly. Yesterday, I woke to … Continue reading