Today’s Reading…

Ahh, it’s a good day. Two items with the scent of clear thinking (so rare, these days)… Ford’s unofficial rebuttal to Cadillac’s sleazy ‘Let’s all work ourselves to death because we’re Americans!’ campaign (I recommend watching the Cadillac ad first).   … Continue reading

Don McLean and the next ‘Mindbenders’ (huh?)

I haven’t been around much lately (Bad Ted! Bad!) because I’ve been writing a lot (Good man, Ted!). But I read something this morning that really struck me. I’ve never been a Don McLean fan, despite my friend Barry’s repeated … Continue reading

Self Esteem at $5 Bucks a Pop…

MJ Rose, who’s an author and expert of long standing on publishing, self-publishing and publicity, sent out a link today to a ‘service’ I won’t dignify by naming. Here’s a screen capture from their webpage:   Obviously, this is fraud. … Continue reading

Ted’s Everywhere (or at least a couple of places)

‘Mindbenders’ got a mention on the Front Row Monthly site (link here) and My recollections of Woodstock (family-friendly ones) appear here at – however, they chose not to use my photos. The editors there probably doubt the thrill of … Continue reading

How Amazon’s KDP Select works

Editor’s Note: This information is no longer current. Amazon has heavily reduced the effect freebies have on your sales rank. So this is now a history piece, no longer a ‘how-to’… There’s been loads of ink about Amazon’s KDP (Kindle … Continue reading

Year One: Summing Up

The great thing about the Internet is all the information it makes readily available. The bad thing is…well, the same thing. This blog went live on April 1, 2011. My most sincere thanks to all of you who have come … Continue reading