History Turns on a Punch Line

In total contrast to the whining from the Trump White House, the FBI, CIA and Obama White House all acted in ways that benefited Trump’s campaign, not Hillary’s. Why on Earth would they do that? 

[Because}They were all convinced Hillary would win.

And nobody wanted to give the blustering Trump–who was already complaining loudly that the election was rigged against him–any more reason to martyr himself. Nobody wanted to help him set up his own pseudo-Fox News after the election. Nobody wanted to hobble Hillary’s administration completely by looking partisan.

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This is what Democracy looks like, dammit…

A post on Facebook likened the experience of last night’s election to “New Year’s Eve, crossed with potentially life-threatening surgery.” That’s as close as anyone’s come to the nauseating, careening roller-coaster-without-brakes quality of the evening. And we ended up with Trump – how … Continue reading