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I’ve written six books and am working madly on the seventh, whenever I’m not on this site.

There are three somewhat romantic books:

A Crafty and Devious God
Howling at Wolves

Two darker books:
Bequest and

And a thriller:

‘Crafty’ was my first attempt at a real novel and it suffers from all the flaws of a first book while ‘Howling’ is just flat-out silly. ‘Green’ is probably my best-funny and sad and full of the world’s cracked self-seriousness run amok.

Then there’s ‘Bequest’, which was my first attempt to be literary, which went totally awry as Max Renn appeared and made a mess of any pretensions I had-or at least most of them.

Renn is the main character in ‘Mindbenders,’ a thriller about mind control, telepathy and telekinesis…no, that’s not true. It’s about what it’s like to live when you know what people are thinking all the time, when you can feel the effect you have on them as clearly as you feel the effect they have on you, about how you can know everything and nothing at the same time. It’s about how the things we can know are never enough, never the things we need to know. ‘Mindbenders’ is the beginning of that saga-much more to come.

‘After’ is a collection of short stories that came out of the post-9/11 era. There are some funny or at least absurd ones and a few that are haunting, at least to me.

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