The Tyranny of the Lowest Price

Richard Russo, the well-known author (Empire Falls), has a really good article on the OpEd page of the NY Times today (link here) about Amazon’s new pitch, encouraging customers to go into brick-and-mortar bookstores this Saturday and use Amazon’s price … Continue reading

Special Cyber-Monday Deal!

Well, okay then… I’m no different from the rest – I don’t mind a bargain now and then.  I was planning to check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals and quickly got waylaid checking my own books out. Have a look … Continue reading

Gilding the Lily

Covers. Every book needs a cover. And the cover is obviously a huge selling tool. If you’re an indie writer/publisher like I am, it might be the only tool you have, that first grabber moment that gets a potential reader’s … Continue reading

Buy a Book-I Buy You A Beer!

The Internet is supposed to break down the walls between writers and readers and that all sounds good but I’m tired of metaphors. Let’s talk REAL interaction! Buy a paperback – I buy you a beer! I’m not promising some … Continue reading

The Power of Genre

I’ve mentioned this before: I grew up in a household that had a reverence for ‘culture’, culture with an Old World reverence. Opera. Plays. Musicals were a step below, movies and popular music below that. Literature was right up at … Continue reading

The Mockingbird, the Web and Me

Commercial interruption: My two best books, ‘Green’ and ‘Mindbenders’, are on sale NOW on Amazon and Smashwords as ebooks—trade paperbacks to come in a matter of days (the Amazon Gods willing). Read all about ’em at the links above. That … Continue reading

The Funhouse Mirror”

Creative work is its own reward. One of the major differences between creative work and ‘work’ is that, over time, you come to expect a satisfaction not just from the finished product, but from the process of creation itself. My … Continue reading