It’s the Setup, Not the Punch Line

Vaudevillians had an article of faith: It’s the Setup, not the Punch Line. Which was a way of remembering that the punch line is just a match, a spark; meaningless without tinder and kindling laid out carefully underneath, ready to … Continue reading

New ‘Mindbenders’ Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Who is controlling whom?, September 29, 2011 By mountainmama “Shirley Hicks” (Charleston, West Virginia, USA) – When Greg’s guardian is murdered, Max Renn shows up and whisks him into a world of mindbenders. Mind and memory fried by … Continue reading

Mind Power 1”

I was fascinated by the powers of the mind long before my research for ‘Mindbenders.’ But I’ve realized I should be sharing some of the research directly here, because it explains that the outlandish things I have Max Renn, my … Continue reading

The Mockingbird, the Web and Me

Commercial interruption: My two best books, ‘Green’ and ‘Mindbenders’, are on sale NOW on Amazon and Smashwords as ebooks—trade paperbacks to come in a matter of days (the Amazon Gods willing). Read all about ’em at the links above. That … Continue reading

The 99 Cent Quandary

Karen’s latest Karen Dionne is an interesting writer and a good soul. She’s written a thoughtful piece on Huffington Post today about how 99 e-books are bad for writers. Thoughtful, sensible—but (in my opinion) wrong. First, you have to understand … Continue reading