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Excerpt from Mindbenders 2: The Fiery Sky

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Calling the Babu a ship was sorta like calling McDonalds a restaurant. She was a filthy scow, groaning and leaking at every rivet, cabin doors that couldn’t shut proper because the whole boat was out of frame, coughing and spitting between spurts of power, ferrying dirty laundry, the finest counterfeit electronics and radioactive chicken feathers around the South China Sea on a twice-weekly basis, manned by a crew who failed the audition to be pirates.

I pulled on my clothes and backpack and clanked up the narrow metal steps to the foredeck. Endless sunrise, water in every direction and nothing else. Well, almost nothing else—a toothpick with a parasol rose from the horizon dead ahead.

It took an hour for the parasol to reveal itself as a huge tree looming over a leafy-topped  island still way in the distance, with a sharp cliff on one side and jungle on the other, a steroid pineapple popping out of the water.

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