When your job is selling great fakes, what do you do when you get the real thing?

Nicky and Harry Sandler are con men in Paris, selling art that’s less than it seems for more than it’s worth. Until, unexpectedly, they find themselves threatened with prison—and ‘gifted’ with a mysterious painting that sends them down a twisting trail involving art forgery, international money laundering and even a Nazi or two. Could it be the most expensive lost painting in the world?

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This book came to me as if in a dream, playing itself out in front of me, bit by bit, each day at the keyboard. Not so much something I wanted to say as something I needed to say. 
Each of my books is a bit of a time capsule, the way I felt about the world during the period I was writing. And each of them stems from essentially the same question: how to be a decent person – not a perfect one, but a decent one – in an age where simple decency is actually frowned upon and belittled, where powerful people flaunt their inhumanity. 
My main character is a swindler, a man of no particular skills, save a quick wit and a sharp tongue – but he’s also possessed of a conscience. He wants to do well in a corrupt world but also to do as little harm as he can in the process. I think that struggle defines millions of lives around the world these days. 

I hope someday, a reader will approach me and say what my wife’s sister said after one of her plays, “That isn’t how it happened – but it is what it felt like.”