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  1. Thank you, Ted, for this wealth of perspective. It’s why I wrote that email to you–you have already juggled these pros and cons and seen the way they are so far shaking out. Like you, I am a fan of print, but as you say, the self/independent publisher can deal in print alongside digital. You raise a whole host of issues–what happens to my agent, who happens to be a superb editor and a cheerleader during some pretty cheerless times (publishing-wise), for example? Do our readers benefit because we can get material to them much faster? It’s about the readers, and as you say, that has gotten a bit lost.

    This post gives much food for thought.

    • Joe Konrath is a big advocate for writers having agents. There are still movie rights, magazine reprints, foreign rights, all kinds of management issues that require their expertise. And, if you can get a good one, like you have, it’s wonderful to have that fresh eye on your work before it’s published. Joe thinks that business will morph into more of a packager/counselor/business management function. Whether or not that turns out to be correct, there is a certain logic to it.

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