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The Subway in the Parking Lot — 6 Comments

    • This is how our life goes, isn’t it? Pieces of us roll away in all directions, for all kinds of reasons. Until you get my mom’s age, where she can look around at a street she’s walked down for most of her life and barely recognize it for all the ghosts.

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  2. Ted,

    The subway car has a new life. About r4 years ago I restored it back to its original glory including the original number board. It lives happily in Warwick New York under my watchful eye.

    • That’s great to hear. Is it available to the public? How did you recreate the back wall, which was long gone by the time they took it out of the restaurant? Best of luck with it. If I’m ever up in Warwick, I’d like to come see it, bring along a pastrami sandwich…

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