After coverAfter is a collection of short stories written in the post 9/11 era. They include, among others, a man masquerading in firefighter’s gear in order to get laid, a network news anchor fretting that his network is the only one not to receive an anthrax threat, a woman who rented an apartment to one of the 9/11 hijackers and a passenger’s widow confronted the next day by a confused, upset man at her doorstep, covered in chalky dust and carrying her husband’s wallet.

“This short book consists of a number of short stories of New Yorkers trying to make sense of their changed world in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. All of the characters in this book are adrift and disoriented and bewildered as to what they should do next. Krever does a masterful job of depicting the surreal dream like state that trauma survivors inhabit, where the big picture is so overwhelming to process that it’s the tiny details of interpersonal interaction that capture the attention.

These stories are emotionally impactful but they are not grim. Each character finds some measure of hope or understanding or, at the very least, adaptation to their circumstances. And, realistically, that hope is fragile and tentative and still finding its way. I can’t say that you’ll “enjoy” this book but it will take you on a meaningful journey. This book is a tender tribute to the survivors of 9/11.” – Reader review by Alina Holgate ‘firegal’ on

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‘After’ includes immediate reactions to the 9/11 attacks (the story ‘After’ was written November 9, 2001)-and some fairly recent views as well (‘Red Sky’ was written in March 2009). I remember sending ‘After’ out to magazines at the time and getting responses that it was a little raw for the political environment of the time. Looking back now, I don’t think I was that far off.


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  1. Ted. Now I know what you’ve been doing for hours and hours. The site is good but not necessarily the picture. The web site in general is good. I wish you would have opened the site with an excerpt from your book “After” . I found that intro so interesting that I’m buying the book! The only problem is it took me several clicks to get there. If I didn’t know you I would have gotten off the site. In my humble opinion the trick is to capture the viewer at first glance. All this coming from someone who can’t spell!! I just want to see you succeed ! You are a gifted and talented writer and you deserve it. Hope the comments helped! Phyliss

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