Business first: My books can be purchased (cheap!) on Amazon  in both ebook and paperback.

I would love to make them available in other ebook formats and maybe I will sometime soon but, to be honest, every time I’ve tried to post on iTunes and Barnes and Nobel and Kobo, etc., I find that 97% of my sales come from Amazon anyway and Amazon tends, for obvious reasons, to favor ‘their’ exclusive authors. So if you have another favorite site, write me that you and some meaningful number (100? Definitely. 50? Certainly. 20? Probably? 5? Ask me) of your friends want to buy my books but only on iTunes or whatever. That will probably be enough to make me try it.

Don’t have an e-reader? Download Kindle software for your PC or smartphone here.

I’ve written seven books and the eighth drops in December.

There are three romantic comedies:

A Crafty and Devious God
Howling at Wolves

Two darker books:
After and
Bequest (unpublished–written a long time ago and needs a rewrite)

Two thrillers:
Mindbenders 1 & 2

And in December, ‘Swindler & Son.’ which manages somehow to straddle all the categories.

Swindler sits in the dead center of the chart, a screwball comedy thriller that somehow manages to be about fraud, dementia, money laundering, kidnapping, the looting of ancient relics and nuclear terrorism, but no one who’s read it so far mentions any of those things because they’re laughing too hard.

‘Crafty’ was my first attempt at a real novel and it suffers from all the flaws of a first book, I suppose, but it’s also maybe my most heartfelt and heartful.

‘Howling’ is just flat-out silly, a barely-thought-through meditation on friendship, the dangers of remembering old flames at vulnerable moments, stalking, bringing men in touch with their masculinity (not always a great idea) and shared dreaming with the sister of the woman you’re sleeping with…

‘Green’ is maybe my best. I’m certainly proud of it. I think it’s funny and sad and full of the world’s cracked self-seriousness run amok.

Between ‘Crafty God’ and ‘Howling at Wolves’, I produced  ‘Bequest’, an attempt to write something ‘literary’, which went totally awry when Max Renn appeared and made a mess of any pretensions I had – or at least most of them. It’s unpublished – the reasons why are contained in the description above.

‘After’ is a collection of short stories that came out of the post-9/11 era. There are some funny or at least absurd ones and a few that are haunting, at least to me.

Max Renn is the cream of the Soviet mind-control program, an expat living twenty years after the demise of that country in the Everglades, trying to stay out of trouble. As if! He’s the main character in the  ‘Mindbenders’ Saga, two thrillers (a third coming someday soon) involving mind control, telepathy and telekinesis…and that list doesn’t come close to describing it. the books are about what it’s like to know what people are thinking all the time, to know the effect you have on them as clearly as your own feelings, about knowing everything and nothing at the same time. It’s about the way there’s always more to this world than we can grasp.

More details on each book’s page. Click away!


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