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  1. Hi Ted,

    Great account. Some very salient points about Zuccotti Park not being a park, and the general orderliness of the protesters. I was down maybe a dozen times before they finally booted everyone out, and never had a bad encounter there. Even the crusty kids were polite. Often the mood was energizing, like parts of NY a few years ago before gentrification paved Manhattan over. Some intense discussions as well, something you rarely hear on the street now. I’m most definitely not a child of the 60s – if I never hear another bongo again, it’ll be too soon – but there was spirit, energy – and a great deal of organization. A wild diversity of people – just out of college kids, young kids, crusty kids, union guys, Orthodox Jews, middle-aged nurses, guys from Harlem.

    I get the sense some of the organizers weren’t necessarily sorry to see the camp dispersed. The security and logistics must have been a nightmare. But it’s a little sad to go down, as I did last night, and see the square virtually empty.

    But I guess we’ll see what happens next!


    • Yeah, I agree, particularly about the spirit. I grew up with people debating on street corners and in parks. The parks were shabbier but the people were more vibrant. Those people have gotten pushed out of Manhattan generally in the years since. Anyone who thinks that space is more useful as a marble shelf should be carted off for the duration.

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