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  1. I don’t think any comment needs to supplement yours re: ‘reality’ TV. But I have found that the Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy programming has moved us to where those Elm Street, Halloween, etc movies moved us; they used the camera, the latter, to stalk the young half naked girls, and it put us in the uncomfortable position of seeing this all thru the eyes of the maniacal killer. I didn’t wish to become his eyes. Likewise, the shows I mentioned, and others are out there, offer as their lead character a person who is basically objectionable to me, no matter what the reason for his lot in life. Other shows, like the Following, offer a ‘hero’, but I see the story telling clearly making the violent acts, the creative ways to kill someone, as one of the stars of the show……………Hence, I look to BBC America, and have found some marvelous dramas…some mystery/procedural shows where the characters development and analysis, of the protagonists and antagonists, challenges us, and enlightens us about the human condition.
    I suspect the French equivalent of Barry Nisman seeks out BBC productions as well, or is that presumptuous?
    Nice read, Ted.

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