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  1. Having traveled quite a bit of the road with you, sometimes intermittently, surely, I can tell you that something rather extraordinary has happened. Ted, you and I did a lot more than sing together, not that there’s anything wrong with that. We did speak, well into the night, sometimes in a diner at 3 am, and we share frustrations, aspirations, observations, and often we detoured back to the frustrations. There was an awful lot you were looking for, in yourself mostly, but you wanted a partner who would make a difference, allowing you your individuality while also helping you to make changes. These were changes you had in mind as well as those that are hidden from our ‘agendas.’……..When you met Clare, and we would take a pause in the music and do catch up, what’s with you, what’s with me, you spoke of Clare in a way different from the 40 some odd years prior. There was something special, something very different. Now that 4 years have gone by, and you have announced a formalization of something you guys have been working on, it’s better than fantastic (is there something better than fantastic ?……….hmmmm, could be ‘awesome’?) that you guys are making some legal changes to a relationship that has been evolving no matter what the relationship was formally called. This doesn’t happen often, where someone you know, especially someone you know very well, has found a lot of what he was looking for…………Awesome 🙂

    • no, that was irony…..there was ‘….we share frustrations, aspirations…..” and of course that was meant to be ‘shared’…. 🙂

    • Ted, you could owe me 5000 bucks, have insulted the integrity of my Uncle Phil (okay, he has none, but how would YOU know that), and told me you rooted for SF Giants, so long as you put a Hungadunga in there you’d still be my favorite Theo……

      PS Note: I don’t think at certain private, connubial moments, use of Hungadunga would be well advised. Then again, meeting Claire was a delight; but whose to know, maybe Hungadunga is an ‘attention grabber’ if you follow my drift, and I think that you do.

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