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The Strange Case of Gato Barbieri — 5 Comments

  1. Gato’s Sax, back jack do it again (steely dan) …introduced me to Jazz and was one of my best memories of college. Great music, no words, could study all night long.

  2. I was House Officer of Essex House when we got a call from a doctor. She could not reach her patient, who had just had heart surgery. Went to the room with master key. “Hello, Security” I announced, not knowing what to expect. Saw a black hat lying on a table and a seemingly lifeless body on the bed. He moved. Said he wasn’t feeling good, opened shirt to show stitches running up his chest, then said “and I play saxaphone.” Barbieri? Black hat? Sax?
    “Oh sugar, are you GATO Barbieri?” He smiled. “Man, you and Coltrane are my two favorites!” He smiled some more. Got him to sip some O.J., told him his doctor was on the way. Spoke to me in fluent Italian (better than mine) about his wife and how sad he was since her death. Offered me a publicity still, and instead of autographing it, made an incredible flowing drawing “to Wanye”. God bless Gato and God bless you for your kind words.

  3. Saw Gato in the 60’s in Miami. He played in a movie theater that had been converted for that specific event that night. The concert started at 9 pm. He just stood and watched a three piece playing then walked over to he mike and said something like, “Hello every body, thank you for coming. I was going to do 3 sets for you but can only do one. Don’t be mad OK?” Everyone was quiet. True to his word, he only played one set that started at about 9:30 and ended at 2am. All night long he had a lovely girl going to him to change his face towels and give him water and teaspoons of honey. It was pure. The applause lasted at least 30 minutes. Great experience.

  4. I love this Artist.. My mother introduced me to his incredible talents at age five… I’ve been a literally daily listener and a follower of his music since childhood. On my 35 birthday My dream came true by meeting him at one of his concerts at the ferst center of the Arts in Atlanta , Ga. After 43 years I’m still a fan. My children, family and friends have grown to love his style, class, and talents as well.. Gato music will forever be an inspiration to me.. Gato wherever you are, I want you to know I have listened to your music literally everyday for 43 years… I’m truly one of your greatest fans. Rock on my Latin friend………

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