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The Power of Genre — 2 Comments

  1. That’s a fantastic way to look at one purpose thrillers serve–as a personal statement in a world that doesn’t just not cater to us, but in some ways tries to sabotage.

    Personally, I think the genre/literary distinction is a bit of a false one. Crime fiction can be the deepest out there (it can be well written, too). Dostoevsky was a crime writer.

    There are hack genre jobs, and as you say, showy, puffs of air literary ones. The best writing delves deep in words that show the story–be that in mystery, fantasy, or a more general form.

  2. Ted,

    Thanks for the heads up on GREEN. I downloaded the sample about a week ago and though “Wow, this is even better than the beginning of…” but once bitten, I was twice shy.

    Now I can go ahead and buy the book.

    If it lives up to it’s promise I’m sure it is your best book.

    (Which does not necessarily mean it will sell the best – Mindbenders probably has wider appeal.)

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