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(Hopefully) Last Notes on the Hurricane — 3 Comments

  1. The expanse of the work is incredible, that is clear. But the way that certain areas have been ignored; how the communication network of LIPA is from the dark ages; the 34 million dollars in spending to upgrade their software response system and tree trimming before the fact, that was not spent, makes these actions (or inactions) by LIPA obscene, criminal, and deplorable.

    • Before it was LIPA, what was it called? It was the same disaster then. Long Island has always had the worst power company in the tri-state area, if not the country (oh hell, let’s include the world, what the hey? Maybe Calcutta is worse, to be charitable…) The problem everywhere is the same over and over – all that matters is profit, not service. The stockholders have to get their dividends, even if the infrastructure goes down the drain in the meantime. It is obscene. Unfortunately, things are only criminal if someone decides to prosecute.

      • Theo, it was Lilco……and it has a strange relationship to the State, the governor appoints the Board, and as angry as he can say he is, he contributed to this; I don’t think he provided the oversight that they demanded, and their track record is horrible…but Newsday today has an article, and I’ll find it later, that ties an incredible number of employees to the political figures…also, mention is made that said family members/friends, make more than their peers…how’s that?…I know it was in today’s paper, so I will look on line, but I can’t vouch for the investigative reporter…

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