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Mindbenders Sequel: Taking – and Changing – Shape — 1 Comment

  1. I truly enjoyed Mindbenders. A five-star story, it most certainly is.
    Looking forward to the sequel, I found your blog and was very interested to read how you decided it wiser that book-2 should be different than you first tho’t. I’m always fascinated to read how that sort of thing evolves for a writer. Thank you for sharing that.
    You’ve prob’ly already settled on an appropriate name for vol. 2, but if not … “Mindbenders: Trifecta” comes to mind, with the idea that each of the three characters is on the run, trying to stay ahead of myriads of agents chasing them. Three different races come to mind … a sort of “trifecta” … who will “win”? … and in what order? … does that even matter? … is “winning” even possible for any one of them? … and what would that mean? … and how would it affect your vol. 3?
    May your holidays be joyous and peaceful … and your writing full of those oh so very cool epiphanies. 🙂

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