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  1. As usual Ted your writing and ideas are spot on. Like you and many Americans , I feel that America is less and less concerned with human rights and basic liberties.My question is, are we really a minority or have we been cowered into thinking that our skepticism towards govermental overreach makes us outsiders too?

    • I think Thoreau said that it’s always a committed minority that makes change. But both parties now encourage cynicism – they demonize the other guy and anyone who supports him – to keep us from feeling we can do anything. Our own sense of hopelessness is a crucial defense for them. I think I’m going to add a link to William Binney (the other whistleblower in the film)- he’s got some very interesting (and depressing) things to say.

  2. Well written. I was struck by a simple sentence, one that I’ve written in a different fashion, actually I’ve gone on and on about it, but the concise way you wrote it was most effective.
    “. I was much less certain, however, about the United States of America. I recognize the place less and less lately.”

    As you may recall, I loved reading, aside from mysteries, espionage novels. In the past few years I’ve read only those that took place in the Cold War era, or earlier. I find that what I read in contemporary novels precludes any relaxation I sought in reading.

    To a great extent, I wish I were writing you this note from a small peaceful village on Prince Edward Island where one can feel that the insanity of the world, the greed, the animus cannot touch me. Then again, a Nor’easter could reach me, and I’d be seeking refuge in the Green Mountains.

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