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The Critics Are Wrong (Always) — 2 Comments

  1. Mr. Krever,

    I believe I know the sadistic (amateur) critic to whom you refer and, ironically, he told me he can’t read Ayn Rand and was a big fan of Hunter Thompson, going back to the latter’s Rolling Stone days.

    Surely the point is not whether a critic is right or wrong but whether he or she gives the basis of his or her opinion, with concrete examples for the work in question, so the potential consumer has some way to judge whether or not the critic knows whereof he or she speaks or is just blowing smoke – e.g. “This is great writing” or “Paul Muni moves you to the depths of your soul” or “Humor? I don’t think so!”

    Of course that’s just my opinion – which concrete examples.

    • Bill, to be honest, I used the unnamed (sadistic?- I’m not sure) amateur critic as a jumping-off point for something I wanted to talk about anyway – the idea that we’re all entitled to our opinion and that there’s no one right or wrong answer. So the fracas in question served a purpose.

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